Building Inspector

Scott Hussinger

129 West Main Street
Wales, Wisconsin 53183

Phone: (262) 490-8222
Alt. Phone: (262) 968-3968
Email: [email protected]

Office Hours:

Wednesdays - 1:30 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. and Fridays by appointment.


Inspections and Permits allow the enforcement of codes which have been adopted as law by state, county or village. No matter what the specific project may be, the enforcement of codes is carried out to protect the public health, safety and welfare. The unit of government which enforces the code is acting to assure safe construction. You have an investment in the home or business you are about to build or remodel. When that home or business does not comply with the codes, the value of your investment could be reduced.

The Building Inspector is here for your help not to complicate things. He will help to assure residents that they are obtaining a quality job.

Public Information:

As a rule of thumb, any work of a maintenance nature will not require a permit. However, building remodeling, alterations or additions thereto, roofing, heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical work, swimming pools, installation of wood burning heating systems, parking spaces off the driveway, fencing, decks, public sidewalk replacement, driveways, water softener installation, sheds and outbuildings all require your contacting the building inspector BEFORE work begins. The Building Code for the Village of Wales states:

FAILURE TO OBTAIN PERMIT: It is unlawful to commence work prior to obtaining a permit, therefore, DOUBLE FEES shall be charged if work is commenced prior to the issuance of a permit to do so.

By Village ordinance, a permit is required for the replacement, repair, or paving of a driveway. Permits can be obtained from the Building Inspector.

Village residents will assume responsibility for lack of emergency vehicle access to their property if the following driveway recommendations are ignored:

  1. Minimum 12' hard surface driveways (gravel, brick, asphalt, or concrete) with 2' clearance on each side. Concrete may only be used to your property line. 2. 12' vertical clearance.
  2. 12' vertical clearance.
  3. Minimum driveway approach shall be 14'.
  4. Minimum inside turning radius of 50' for driveways over 200' in length.
  5. Any decorative driveway structures cannot be over 4' tall. They must be a minimum of 16' apart (see number 1) and cannot be in the right-of-way.
  6. Gravel washed onto the roadway is the owner's responsibility and cleaning-up will be billed to the owner.