Buildings & Grounds

Maintenance Supervisior


129 West Main Street
Wales, Wisconsin 53183

Phone: (262) 349-6531

Office Hours:

8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


  • COMMERCIAL, BUSINESSES AND OTHER BURNINGS PROHIBITED. All burning on any commercial, business or other property within the Village, except for residential, is hereby prohibited
  • COSTS OF FIRE RUN. Any person, business, corporation or organization which violates the terms of this section, or burns in a manner which results in a fire run from any fire department, shall, in addition to the penalties provided herein, be liable to the Village for the current charge for a fire run by Lake Country Fire and Rescue.
  • PENALTIES. Penalties are pursuant to Chapter 25 of the Village Code of the Village of Wales. Any person violating this Ordinance shall also be subject to a forfeiture of Fifty Dollars ($50.00), plus statutory costs for the first offense. Any subsequent offenses occurring within a twelve (12) month period of time are subject to a fine of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00), plus statutory costs.

Public Information:

RESIDENTIAL BURNING. Burning of garbage and trash prohibited. No person shall burn garbage, paper, putrid materials, buildings or other structures, lumber, construction materials, or materials from razed buildings. Outdoor burning is regulated except as prohibited by Section 10.12. Outdoor burning within the Village shall be allowed as follows: The burning of dry brush, dry leaves, dry limbs, dry plant clippings, dry branches and dry logs is allowed subject to the following regulations: There will be no burning of yard waste in piles exceeding 5 feet in diameter and 3 feet in height. The burning of either wet or dried grass is prohibited. Composting is encouraged. Prior to controlled burns of prairie grasses notification must be given to the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department. Notification must also be made when the burn is complete. A competent person of legal age must constantly supervise such burning. All outdoor burning must attended at all times with sufficient fire fighting equipment such as rakes, shovels, hoses connected to a water supply, fire extinguisher and similar materials to allow the property owner to control the fire. Burning barrels, constructed and elevated in substantial conformance to the design provided by the Village of Wales, are acceptable for burning only the items in. A copy of the design is available at the Village Hall.